Textile Production

Fashion production management

Fashion production management

We offer complete support, inspecting the product, and ensuring lasting quality throughout the production process.

Supervision and quality control in fashion production

At VLC Studio, we take on an active and thorough role in the production process.

We comprehensively oversee the development of each garment, ensuring its absolute correspondence with the original design and the established specifications. Our critical eye allows us to detect any deviations and make the necessary corrections and adjustments to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of the design.

Collaboration with specialized manufacturers

We have workshops and manufacturers both nationally and internationally specialized in different types of garments or products. We collaborate closely with these trusted manufacturers to ensure that each garment in the collection meets and exceeds our rigorous quality standards.

Quality and production control

We ensure that the final product development is correct through a rigorous quality and production inspection. To this end, we previously supervise samples, making the necessary modifications to achieve a good result. We offer comprehensive support from the beginning to the end, inspecting the product and its quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Creative Vision

At VLC Studio, we not only design fashion but also ensure that the making of each piece is a faithful translation of our creative vision.

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