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About VLC Studio

At VLC Studio, we specialize in the development of exclusive fashion collections, intended for various sectors within the textile industry.

From the beginning of our journey, we have considered close collaboration with companies of all sizes as the core of our philosophy. We handle every stage of the process, from the initial project to the final production, supporting each step with passion and precision.

Can we assist with your brand?

Whether you are in the early stages of creating your brand or already have an established brand identity in the market, VLC Studio is your ideal partner. We represent not just a dynamic and organized design studio, but also one that’s versatile and contemporary. What truly sets us apart is our team: a collective of creative minds with exceptional artistic skills, complemented by effective and clear communication.

Fashion Design

Our strength lies in the combination of skills. We have a talented team of designers who are trained and highly qualified, always ready to face the challenges that each fashion project presents, thus guaranteeing its success. From trend research, through design and creation of technical specifications, to quality control and production, our expert hand is present. Our purpose is clear and constant: to drive the growth and success of your brand, always with a keen eye towards the global consumer and the end user.

Versatility, Creativity, and Innovation

The versatility we offer is unique. Driven by fresh thinking, brimming with creativity and innovation, we tackle projects of any magnitude. From small capsule collections to full fashion lines, we cover all products and categories in the industry. With vast experience under our belt, we are in constant dialogue and interaction with both national and international markets.

For us, each project is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. In each job, we provide all our support and immerse ourselves fully to ensure that your brand reaches the heights of success and recognition it deserves.

At VLC Studio, we don’t just bring your ideas to life, but your vision becomes our mission.

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