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Fashion design studio in Valencia

Fashion design studio

VLC Studio offers a wide range of fashion design services, production control, and manufacturing. From the conceptual stage to project completion.

Collection Planning

Trend and Color Research

Fabric and Trimmings Selection

Pattern and Graphic Design

Creative Design

Technical Sheets and Specifications

Fashion Collection Planning and Branding

Our expert team works hand in hand with each client to understand their specific needs and objectives.

We develop a comprehensive fashion collection plan that guides each step of the design process, including defining the style, selecting color ranges, and determining the volume of the collection.

We help textile companies strengthen their brands, from defining the philosophy and logo to creating labeling and packaging.

This personalized approach ensures that each collection reflects the brand’s essence and connects with its target audience.

Trend and Color Research

All our work is based on prior research conducted by our team of experts.

We perform an exhaustive market analysis both nationally and internationally, visiting the main fashion fairs and examining the latest trends on runways and reference websites.

We are responsible for researching and selecting the most relevant color trends, new fabrics, silhouettes, and design details that will make a difference in the creation of each collection.

Creation of image and concept mood boards.

Fabric and Trimmings Selection

Selection of fabrics, threads, and trimmings in a meticulous and careful manner to ensure quality and consistency in each collection.

We meticulously coordinate colors, qualities, and mixtures of textures to create complete and attractive looks.

We think of the end customer, your potential customer, developing a selection of unique, high-quality materials to ensure success.

Pattern and Graphic Design

We are experts in creating customized patterns and graphics, always ensuring they reflect the identity and personality of each brand.

Positional and continuous patterns, fully customized designs.

We have extensive knowledge of all printing techniques and processes that guarantee exceptional results.

Creative Design

Our team of designers is versatile and creative, with a great design capacity that spans various sectors of the fashion industry.

Women’s, men’s, children’s, and layette fashion. Sports fashion, accessories, and home fashion. In every project, whatever its nature, we create innovative and attractive designs that capture the essence of the brand, making it stand out.

We also develop realistic 3D renders that allow for a virtual view of the designed garments.

Technical Sheets and Specifications

After selecting the different designs that will form your collection, we will develop the technical sheets that will detail and provide all the necessary specifications for the garment’s construction.

Including Pantone colors, sewing details, patterns, measurement tables, and scalings.

We ensure that all specifications are clearly indicated to guarantee the correct production of each garment.

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